Total Tuscany

What happens when a trial attorney, radio host/marketing specialist and a former fitness-instructor-now-tour company-owner collide? They talk about Tuscany!

Five years ago, I stood in a small coffee shop in Rome, waited for the barista to make my coffee, and made a life changing decision to return to Italy to live. I envisioned a solitary three months of quietly exploring Tuscany, seeking beauty and finding joy. While that did happen, there was so much more to the adventure than that! Today I share a vibrant web of connection--both virtual and actual--with friends all over the world. In sharing our mutual love of Tuscany, we also talk about our personal hopes, desires, triumphs and other words, our human experience.

In my second interview with the fabulous guys of Total Tuscany, Pat Campagna and Travis Justice, we touch on some of the stories from my book that I hadn't previously shared, and how those experiences pushed me to Italy. Three people whose lives would have never intersected, now dive in with a friendly familiarity to discussing Brunello wine, Tuscan villas and personal experiences. Connection.

I have a fundamental belief that we are hard wired for human connection, and I traveled half a world away, to find more of it than I ever imagined. Thanks to each of you for finding me here, whether it has been through my writing or on a tour, in person or virtually. Welcome to this community of Tuscany lovers and now, enjoy what happens when two men from Omaha and one woman from Salt Lake City, discuss...Tuscany on the Total Tuscany Podcast