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I Found Myself In Tuscany--a memoir of one woman, two suitcases, and three years in Italy.

I Found Myself In Tuscany is Lisa's memoir of her first three years in Florence, Italy. The book captures and eloquently relates the adventure of her life changing decision in a coffee shop in Rome, in 2012, to arriving in Italy three months later to start a new life. You will follow her journey as she navigates the streets of Florence, attends language school, begins writing for the Huffington Post, and creates a tour company for women!

Lisa's sojourn from divorcee to successful businesswoman in a new country is filled with insight and passion. Her deeply personal memoir will illicit laughter and tears, as well as ignite a desire to find your own spark of courage and passion! It's a book you won't put down until the last page, and be left wanting more.

Personalized copies of I Found Myself In Tuscany signed by Lisa are available for $20.